The Dirty Truth.

Who doesn’t want a second chance at life?  

Our 100% sustainable Hawkes Bay olive brine certainly deserves one, so after its first 12-18 months of life marinating Telegraph Hills multi-award-winning olives; we give it a second chance by bottling and pasteurising the earthy goodness, delivering a premium 100% olive brine product.

While there are infinite ways to use Dirty olive brine in the kitchen or cocktail cabinet, we have rounded up a few of our faves. Head over to our recipe page to check it out or start creating your own seasonal recipes, and then give them a shout-out on our social media pages for a chance to win some Dirty.

Dirty International 100% homegrown olive brine – way too good to waste.


Meet the Team

Not by blood, but by choice, meet our Dirty family. Long-time friends making long-time memories and with a quest to conquer the world. We believe in family, food and fun, cocktails, community, and op-shopping, being kind to the earth & others, that busting out the worm on a dance-floor should never be done past midnight unless you want it to look more like the slug,  and that tequila can either make or break the party. We also know that there is only one thing stronger than magic – sisterhood, that’s us, and we are very grateful to have it.


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Meet the Team

Vanessa Robson

Sales & Marketing

Jodi Litherland

Creative & Media

Sarah Afeaki


How to buy Dirty International

Direct from Dirty or from one of our stockists. You choose. Want to send it as a gift? Let us know, we can do the Dirty work for you.

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"Love life, get a little Dirty."
"A good kind of Dirty."
"Life is made for living, lets get a little Dirty."
"Too good to waste."
"Born and Bred in NZ."
"Dirty As."
"Giving quality olive brine a second chance at life"