Dirty International Olive Brine



Check out that landscape, magnificent isn’t it?  That’s Hawkes Bay, New Zealand. A breathtaking region on the North Islands’ east coast known for its fertile soils, warm temperate climate, and epic award-winning wine. While we’re talking award-winning, Telegraph Hill, NZ’s most awarded olivery, is where we source our 100% sustainable Dirty International olive brine.

An artisan and family-owned business since 2001, the olive harvesting is done by hand and machine, then washed and covered with salt brine. As the olives marinate (between six and twelve months), the liquid takes on a fantastically rich and delicious olive flavour. The salty goodness is a strong and robust boost that will deepen the flavour profile in your cooking or cocktails.

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How to use Olive Brine

Not just for cocktails, try adding Dirty olive brine to sauces, marinades, casseroles, dressings, dips, breads and more.

Elevate your plate. Get Dirty.

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