Honey Mustard Recipe

Dirty Honey Mustard Dressing

Dressing & Sauce,

We use this dirty honey mustard dressing for our favourite broccoli salad. This also pairs well with our Pear (pun intended) and Walnut salad, which features on our Autumn blog. Easy to make, and way tastier than the store-bought versions. Dead easy, and delish, the best kind of recipes.

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Chimichurri Recipe


Dressing & Sauce,

I like authentic recipes. For Mexican, we steer clear of the sour cream and grated cheese and opt for ingredients and recipes they use in Mexico (favourite trip ever). The same applies to this Argentianian Chimichurri recipe. Fresh and colourful ingredients. Yum. Start with a little of the strongest ingredients (like garlic, salt, and chili), then slowly adding more until reaching your desired taste. It can be used to baste meat whilst cooking, or for me an epic topping to any meat you serve.

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Spicy Paleo Sauce Recipe

Spicy Paleo BBQ Sauce

Dressing & Sauce,

This is lush! We had a sauce-making day in the kitchen, made five different recipes and this was one of the faves. It's a goodie. Nice and spicy, no refined sugar and so easy to make that you will never want the store-bought stuff again. Makes a cool gift if you put it in a flash looking bottle. Add as a marinade or baste to ribs or grilled chicken, use as a pizza base, flatbread sauce, or any pulled meat. Another favourite in our house is a dollop on your morning eggs, although if you are into your sauces, you will pretty much put it on everything.

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Italian Tomato Sauce

Dressing & Sauce,

A go-to sauce in our house. Double or triple the recipe and freeze into portion sizes. Add it to cooked spaghetti, pasta bakes, spinach, and ricotta cannoli, or any other pasta dish that calls for a tomato-based sauce, we also use this to drown chicken in when doing a quick and easy baked chicken dish. Add some more dried oregano and chili flakes for a quality starting point for a pizza base, or use it to dunk your grilled ciabatta or sour-dough. It's delish.

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