How to use Olive Brine

Fresh is best, so we recommend cooking seasonally and while there are loads of ways to use Dirty olive brine in your kitchen or cocktail cabinet, we’ve rounded up a few of our faves.

Our 100% olive brine adds a unique depth of flavour, so add as you would a seasoning (towards the end of the cooking process).  Taste and tweak as you go, and then season with salt and pepper to finish.

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Sautéed Brussel Sprouts Recipe

Sautéed Sprouts


It took me a long long time to get over the brussel sprout horror we used to get served up as kids. My husband had to practically drag me to the table to try these, but after the first bite with my eyes closed, I was hooked. So easy, so delicious, and abundant while in season. As weird as it sounds, this is our kids' favourite veggie side dish. Try it and rid that childhood trauma.

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Dirty Bloody Mary Cocktail Recipe

Dirty Bloody Mary


The perfect weekend "after the big night" brunch. Cheese toasty with sour-dough and a Dirty Bloody Mary. You can play around with this depending on your taste levels for spice (and how strong you want Mary to be). The main point is by adding Dirty olive brine you instantly satisfy a craving that only a good hangover can give. Play around with the garnish. Use anything you fancy.

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Dirty Tequila Shot


Lemon and salt are for the nineties. Add 15mls of Dirty olive brine to your favourite Mexican elixir and you have yourself a 2020's drink. I always use a good quality tequila and sip away quietly....well at least until the tequila kicks in and things become loud.

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Dirty Martini


Jane Fonda credits a martini a day as one of her beauty secrets. I don't know about you, but anyone looks good after a couple of these puppies. A purest will always chill the glass first, so be a purest to get the best possible flavour out of your drink. I always make mine extra dirty, by adding 30ml Dirty olive brine. Have a play with the brine measurement - for me, 15mls is just not enough.

The Martini exudes timeless class although it's best to stop at two before it doesn't.

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Italian Tomato Sauce

Dressing & Sauce,

A go-to sauce in our house. Double or triple the recipe and freeze into portion sizes. Add it to cooked spaghetti, pasta bakes, spinach, and ricotta cannoli, or any other pasta dish that calls for a tomato-based sauce, we also use this to drown chicken in when doing a quick and easy baked chicken dish. Add some more dried oregano and chili flakes for a quality starting point for a pizza base, or use it to dunk your grilled ciabatta or sour-dough. It's delish.

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